Soul Service: A Hospice Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Care for the Dying - A Deeper Level of Consciousness to Dying
On the Power of Compassionate Physician Care
 At the age of 45 I had breast cancer. Needless to say I was devastated . I was referred to Dr. Robert Cowgill by my internist. I knew that he was an excellent surgical oncologist but then I found out he was a very kind, compassionate and caring person as well. He explained all my options for treatment, surgery, reconstruction etc. in terms that my husband could understand. We never felt rushed at appointments . He told us that he would meet with us as many times as needed before making my decision about treatment. I felt that my cancer was as important to him as it was to me. This might seem like a small thing but Dr. Cowgill came to the waiting room to get his patient to walk back to his office. These things might seem trivial to some but when you are faced with something like cancer, kindness and caring mean a lot. I know that the caring and personal touch of Dr. Cowgill went a long way in helping me to face the disease and in my recovery. Dr. Cowgill had the true compassion and caring that all doctors need to have for their patients whether they are at end of life or not.I had breast cancer again in 2011 but sadly Dr. Cowgill wasn't there. 
         - Treasure Burdette
From the beginning Dr. Cowgill was different. His aura was of a gentle, kind, caring human being first. He had a calm way of speaking and the ability to let me know all would be Ok. Dr. Cowgill became the main coach of my health for many years because he did believe in the power of the mind, body and soul to heal. He also convinced me that healing takes place in many forms, not just on the physical plane. Dr. Cowgill offered to perform Healing Touch therapy and I accepted. I was amazed at the sense of meditative peace I gained with each session. It gave me the ability to relax and visualize God’s grace working through my body to heal dis-ease, be it on the physical, spiritual or emotional.
         -Franny Singleton, former patient of Dr. Cowgill
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