Soul Service: A Hospice Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Care for the Dying - A Deeper Level of Consciousness to Dying
"Whether you are a hospice professional, relative or volunteer, this book will be of value to you in servicing your patient or your loved one as they approach their transition."  -Dr. Raymond Moody, Author of Life After Life
" I agree 100% with your attempts to bring change to the end-of-life experience.Death is inevitable and we need to treat the person's experience not just their diagnosis and help them live while realizing death is not a failure." - Bernie Seigel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles
Soul Service: A Hospice Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care for the Dying ( Balboa Press, 2013)  now available at and on Amazon
Differing from what is already on the market, this book speaks to the medical professional, lay person, dying person and family member about treating the dying  from a holistic perspective. This book will provide a detailed navigation to spiritual and complementary care. The book examines and guides the reader through the ultimate universal experience we all have-death. The book also explains that metaphysical experiences of the dying and the caregivers and family members both before and after death are common occurences and not unusual ones.
True to the spirit and philosophy of those who consider end of life care a privilege, the book highlights the work of medical professionals, social workers, chaplains and volunteers as they share their stories of service from the heart space. The book also serves as a resource and a guide to the myriad of organizations that have evolved to assist patients at the end of life.
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